President and Owner: Bill Boyle

In 1972, at the age of 12, I purchased my first backhoe. In 1989, I was given the New York State Education Department Outstanding Entrepreneur Award. With my wife Jennifer we now have an excavation company that has over 80 pieces of equipment in it to complete projects of any size.

We try to use the latest technology, which gives the customer the best product possible. “If you don’t keep up with technology, your company will be out dated before you know it”.

“I love my job, I’m excited every morning when I get up to see what new adventure the day will bring.”

It’s exciting to take a project that starts as someone’s dream and make it reality. We work with some construction managers that call us the “Can do contractor” because no matter what task they throw at us, we can do it. We still pride ourselves on the quality of our work. In order to make it all happen you need very dedicated and loyal employees, which we are fortunate to have. This season marks 46 years in the business.